OG Kush (Fem) 5 Seeds

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Buy OG Kush feminized cannabis seeds online



Buy OG Kush feminized cannabis seeds online

0G Kush Strain is that the mainstay behind most of the United States geographical area strains, reliable associate degreed significant touch with multiple
medical uses and simple to grow with an earthy pine scent. There are literally dozens of different OG phenotypes across the USA now and it took a long time to
find this one which we feel is our favourite, a great producer, resistant and stable, she produces time when time. Buy 06 Kush feminized cannabis seeds online

OG Kush Feminized Seeds

It is associate degree exotic mix of indica and Sativa. It is seventy fifth Indica and genetically consists by Lemon Thai Pakistani crossed with the noted
ChemDawg. Leaves are neon green and totally trichome covered. It is overpoweringly potent. up to pure gold mind-altering drug and 0.23% CBD.



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